University of Central Florida Students Stand with Faculty Union

Alumni Petition President Hitt to give UCF Faculty a More Than 1 percent raise

UCF alumni will present UCF President Hitt a petition urging him to grant UCF Faculty a More Than 1 percent raise at the annual UCF Board of Trustees (BOT) Meeting, Thursday, January 23rd, at the Live Oak Event Center from 1:00-4:00.

The petition was created by a UCF alumna and has gathered overwhelming support from UCF alumni, UCF faculty, and Orlando community members at large. The petition addresses UCF Faculty’s yearly decline of take home pay, UCF faculty’s right to a fair wage increase, and the outcome of November’s Impasse hearing.

UCF Faculty supporters shared their reasons for signing the petition and supporting the More Than 1 percent raise, in the comments section of the petition.

Below are a few comments by UCF alumni and faculty supporters:

“My faculty take good care of me and my university and they deserve a #morethan1 percent raise!”

“As a former student at FTU (now UCF) and now a faculty member at FSU, I know the competition you’re under to retain the best and brightest. Do the right thing and support your faculty at a level well beyond the insult of 0.5%.”

“Many of my friends, co-workers and teachers are very diligent in their work and deserve to be compensated appropriately. If they aren’t, their drive to do well will slowly diminish and overall quality of the different offices and educators will reflect this downward trend.”

In November, the UCF Board of Trustees Labor and Compensation Committee Chairman, Mr. Sprouls, announced he will recommended faculty receive a meager 0.5% raise to the full BOT. This announcement was accompanied by statements of regret, as Chairman Sprouls acknowledged “the faculty deserves more” and noted that UFF “had made a strong argument with regard to compensation.”

UCF alumni hope the full Board of Trustees will overturn the Labor and Compensation committee’s recommendation for a 0.5% raise and will do the right thing and grant faculty a More Than 1 percent raise. The average raise package for faculty at other Florida universities this year is over 2.5%.

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