Grass Roots Organizing Weekend

The GrassRoots Organizing Weekend (GROW) is a comprehensive three-day training for student organizers. The United States Student Association Foundation’s GROW training teaches students how to be more strategic in their fight for justice on campus and in the community. The training is a series of presentations, exercises, and discussions that teach a set of skills and concepts, which will increase the effectiveness of your student organizing. The GROW trainers are seasoned student organizers from around the country who teach by using their own personal organizing experiences. Usually 20-40 participants attend each GROW. As a participant of the GROW you will learn how to:

  • Increase student power on campus and in the community
  • Develop an effective strategy for your campaign
  • Overcome lack of participation on campus
  • Increase membership of your organization
  • Build more effective coalitions
  • Win concrete victories in students’ lives

Want to know more about the GROW?  Check out a sample agenda and download a copy of the GROW brochure.  Or, find out how to bring a GROW to your campus today!

For more information contact
Adriana Cortes
Training Director
(202) 640-6570