Breaking the Poverty Cycle

SLAP was founded on the idea that in order to achieve economic and social justice, the cycle of poverty must be broken. The idea is nothing new – those that can’t afford or get access to higher education have less job opportunities, which in turn gives them a lower socioeconomic status. When they have children or have other family members try to obtain a college degree, they’ll be unable to help – thus limiting the access to a college degree, giving less job opportunities – creating a cycle of poverty that entire families get stuck in.

In the recent history of the United States, we prioritized the need for an education – that wasn’t limited to just the 1%. The more ability one has to obtain a college degree, the more ability we have of upward economic mobility. If this trend of the poverty cycle continues, we’ll see more and more families get trapped in the 99% and wealth continue to just be accumulated by a few, limiting the opportunities of the many.

SLAP is fighting the poverty cycle with direct action organizing to make education a right and towards full and fair employment. To learn more about how you can get involved, check out our campaigns page.